With the first race only a few weeks away, Ab, Toni, Marnie and James are cycling together in the Lincolnshire Sportive on Saturday 7th May to warm-up for their first race under the MNFCC, with a total distance of 105 miles.

Speaking on the upcoming race, Ab said:

“We are participating in this event for a final practice of cycling and working together as a team. I am also going to try and beat my position that I got last year, which was 7th overall.”

Following on from this, the day after, Ab is the team leader for another team taking part in the Everest Challenge, supporting Maggie’s cancer support centres. The challenge involves riders cycling the height of Everest in one go, a total distance of 102 miles uphill. The event is taking place in Watlington in Oxfordshire.

Ab took part in the challenge last year on his own, this year, he will be part of a team of six.

Good luck Ab!


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